Taylor Lake Village

Set against a beautiful lakefront view, Taylor Lake Village defines true suburban charm. This picturesque little community lies just west of Seabrook in southeastern Harris County. Because of its location, it is the perfect bedroom community for people who work in Houston. It provides a sense of quiet respite for its residents after working in the city.

Practicing strict zoning ordinances has kept the community’s small town vibe. Expect to see beautiful waterfront homes that harmoniously come together in one visual aesthetic you will appreciate. Best of all, residents enjoy many activities at the nearby lakes. Enjoy daily swimming trips, boating escapades, fishing trips, and a lot more at Taylor Lake Village.

Real Estate

Taylor Lake Village is a beautiful place to buy a home. Its close proximity to the lakes offers a chance for its residents to have homes right by the waterfront. With positive home appreciation rates, it is a good time to buy your very own home here in Taylor Lake Village.. You can find homes featuring multiple bedrooms, a garage space, and a great view of Taylor Lake. Choose from single attached homes, cozy ranch homes, and even small acreages. Taylor Lake Village can be the best place for your new home.

Quick Facts

  • Taylor Lake Village is located near the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) Manned Spacecraft Center. Because of this, many of the community’s residents are employed by the respected space agency.
  • Residents  of Taylor Lake Village can enjoy the amenities of the nearby 40 acre park. This includes a jogging track, a fishing pier, and playgrounds perfect for children. The park is also equipped with pavilions for picnics, as well as sports field.
  • Taylor Lake Village supports a wide array of wildlife that adds to the community’s small town charm. From fish to flocks of Muscovy ducks that frequent the lakeshore, expect to see a smattering of animal activity around the area.

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