The Best Golf Courses in Clear Lake/Bay Area Houston

Everything is bigger in Texas. From fun and action, no one knows how to pull off a day of exciting revelry like the Lone Star State and this is especially true in Houston. As the fourth largest city in the country, Houston has a lot to offer to both residents and locals alike. Whatever your idea of fun, whether a day of shopping, or a day out under the sun, Houston will surely have something up its sleeve. But one of the most popular activities that residents or visitors alike take part in is the gentleman’s sport of golf.

Nothing feels as great as swinging an iron over the green and scoring a hole in one. And nothing is as great when you are playing on a golf course that is not only a visual treat but provides the challenge all golfers crave from the game. Just imagine a sweeping fairway with varied terrain, beautifully set sand traps, strategically placed water hazards, all coming together to make a course that will test your mettle to the utmost. And all of this is set against a gorgeous backdrop of woodlands and emerald green lawns. It is a golfer’s dream and it can be found all within Houston’s Clear Lake/Bay Area.

The Timber Creek Golf Club

Located in Friendswood, the Timber Creek Golf Club is a 27–hole golf course that sets itself apart from other golf courses with one distinct feature. At the hands of premier designer Jay Rivere, the Timber Creek Golf Club is designed specifically to mimic the rolling hills and plains of South Carolina. This effect is achieved by the use of mature oak and pine trees along the course, coupled with rock outcropping placed strategically throughout the green. Thirteen bridges have also been set across Clear Creek that crisscross the entire golf course. Playing a round or two at Timber Creek Golf Club is surely an experience that you won’t find anywhere else in Houston.

Bay Oaks Country Club

Located at Bay Oaks, Bay Oaks Country Club is a popular Houston golf course featuring 18-holes. It has hosted the prestigious Adams Golf Pro Tour series. With emerald green Bermuda grass fairways made narrow for the front nine holes, while the remaining back nine holes are set in the links-style design, Bay Oaks Country Club poses a beautiful challenge to its players. Water hazards at the 14 holes pose another challenge for players and even the simple elevations add to the difficulty. Designed by Arthur Hills, the elevations are heavily sloped and even come in play with the water hazard. If you play at Bay Oaks Country Club, prepare more than just extra balls, but bring your A game as well for one very good game of skill.