Waterfront Properties

There’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning to be greeted by serene waterfront views. Tranquil mornings are replaced by majestic afternoons as the sun sets over the horizon, making the waters of Galveston Bay gleam and glitter. Hot days can be spent aboard a boat, sailing around the bay, or you can cool yourself down by taking a quick dip. These are just some of the experiences and sights that await you in the Clear Lake/Bay Area’s wonderful collection of waterfront properties.

Houston’s Clear Lake/Bay Area is synonymous with these prime pieces of real estate. After all, the cities and communities that make up the Clear Lake/Bay Area are located in close proximity to large bodies of water: Galveston Bay, Clear Lake, and Taylor Lake.

The Clear Lake/Bay Area isn’t only perfect for those who share an affinity with water; you can say that the area is a boater’s paradise as well. Several marinas are scattered around the coastline, perfect for waterfront property buyers who own boats.

A Love Affair with Water

The lakefront communities of Taylor Lake Village, Nassau Bay, and El Lago offer some of the most exceptional waterfront real estate properties in the Clear Lake/Bay Area.

The twin cities of El Lago and Taylor Lake Village are residential communities where you can enjoy peace and quiet in your waterfront home while maintaining close proximity to the modern conveniences of the Clear Lake/Bay Area.

Serene lakefront escapes are available in Nassau Bay on the shores of Clear Lake, situated a few minutes away from the intergalactic discoveries of the Johnson Space Center and the sheer beauty of the Nassau Bay Peninsula Wildlife Park.

The waterfront community of Seabrook is composed of neighborhoods and cul-de-sacs where you can find some of the finest waterfront estates in the Clear Lake/Bay Area overlooking the rich blues of Galveston Bay. There’s Seabrook Island and Lake Cove along the waters of Taylor Lake.

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